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notary downtown los angeles

90222 Compton    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90223 Compton    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90224 Compton    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
91301 Cornell    818    Los Angeles County    California (CA)

91722 Covina    626    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
91723 Covina    626    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
91724 Covina    626    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90008 Crenshaw    323    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90056 Crenshaw    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90220 Crystal City    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
93544 Crystalaire    661    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90201 Cudahy    323    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90066 Culver City    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90230 Culver City    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90231 Culver City    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)
90232 Culver City    310/424    Los Angeles County    California (CA)

Mobile notary public service near 90012, 90017, 90071, 90013, 90017, 90071, 90014, 90074, 90081, 90053, 90055, 900015, 90021, 90079

notary downtown los angeles

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Who Are We?
If you need a mobile notary for any reason, we can help.  We offer a full range of mobile notary public services for downtown Los Angeles and throughout California. Notary services are part of what we do, and we take them seriously.

Our professionals will ensure you get all the benefits of our quality mobile notary service. Our professionals are available 7 days a day, and they can meet anywhere in the Downtown area. We offer same-day appointments. There is no need to wait around for an appointment. Our Mobile Notary Public Team has you covered. We provide Mobile Notary Services to many cities in California and meet you wherever is convenient for you. Our Mobile Notary Service is always available to book an appointment with you 24 hours 7 days a week.

Schedule an appointment today, and a Mobile Notary can meet you at your desired time. We travel everywhere to get your documents done, whether it's 1-20 documents or 1 - 20 locations. 

The fees charged by notaries in Los Angeles can vary depending on the type of document and the services required. Generally, notaries in California are authorized to charge a maximum fee of $15 per notarial act. However, additional fees may apply for mobile notary services or other specialized services. It’s recommended to inquire about specific pricing when you contact a notary public.

Getting a document notarized in Los Angeles is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate a notary public in your area, either by searching online or through local directories.
  2. Contact the notary to schedule an appointment or inquire about walk-in availability.
  3. Bring the unsigned document and a valid form of identification to the notary’s location.
  4. The notary will verify your identity and witness the signing of the document.
  5. Once the notary has completed the notarial act, they will affix their seal and signature to the document.

UPS stores often offer notary services in California, and their fees can vary from location to location. While the maximum notary fee set by the state is $15 per notarial act, UPS may charge additional fees for their services. It’s advisable to contact your local UPS store or visit their website to inquire about their specific notary service fees.

To obtain a notary signature near you in Downtown Los Angeles:

  1. Start by searching online for notary public services in your area.
  2. Consider checking with local businesses, banks, or shipping centers, as they often offer notary services.
  3. Contact a notary public to confirm their availability and schedule an appointment if needed.
  4. Bring the document requiring notarization and a valid form of identification to the notary’s location.
  5. The notary will verify your identity and notarize the document as required.

In California, notaries are authorized to charge a maximum fee of $15 per notarial act. This fee applies to standard notarial services, such as witnessing signatures and verifying identities. However, notaries may charge additional fees for specialized services, travel expenses (for mobile notary services), or after-hours appointments. The total cost can vary depending on the complexity of the service and the notary’s pricing structure. It’s advisable to inquire about specific pricing when you contact a notary public for their services.

The income of notaries in California can vary based on several factors, including location, specialization, and the volume of notarial work. Notaries who offer specialized services, such as loan signings, may have the potential to earn higher incomes. At Notary Public Class, we not only offer comprehensive notary training but also provide opportunities for our students to conduct loan signing training. This additional specialization can significantly impact your earning potential as a notary in California. Factors such as your expertise, reputation, and marketing efforts can also play a crucial role in determining your income. It’s essential to research the local market and pricing to understand the earning potential in your specific area.

To become a notary in California, you must meet certain eligibility requirements, including being at least 18 years old, a California resident, and passing a background check. Additionally, you must complete a state-approved notary training course such as Notary Public Class and pass the California notary exam.

Get documents notarized fast, and easy.
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