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You might have questions about becoming a notary.....We're here to solve that problem.

Notary Public Class wants to educate our students and potential students on becoming and being a notary public.
Anyone interested in being a notary public can reference this before starting.
Who Are We
We are notary public class. Granted, with our name, we provide Notary Public Classes for CA.
The Notary Public Class is the only state approved provider of notary public education with a physical location for our classes. Our physical location is in Los Angeles, California. We offer convenient, affordable notary training class options in person and online. Visit our link below to schedule your class.
Everyone Deserves The Chance To Become a Notary ASAP You deserve the chance to complete your steps of becoming a notary as fast as possible. Let Notary Public Class help you with this.
Notary Public Class

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Join over 100,000 others and get information before being a notary for FREE and a 9-step checklist.

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