Take the wait out of becoming a Notary in San Diego:

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Who Are We?
Firstly, Welcome to Notary Public Class. 
As our business name states, we offer Notary Public Classes in San Diego

We provide a roll out of services in the San Diego Area.
1). Notary Public Training - We have two options. First, online training for those busy who want to study and come in for exam. Second, live class for those better in-person learners (with the live option comes online training for sixty days)
2). Each class date listed has same day class and exam
3). Notary Public Supplies - notary $15,000 surety bond, notary seal, notary journal, and professional ink pads.
4). Background check - Get your required background check conducted with us at our class and exam dates.
5). Loan Signing Agent Training - Become a notary loan signing agent and help borrowers close on homes daily with notary public class.
6). Fleet of Loan Signing Agents certified and vetted through us for loans needing closing in the San Diego Area.
We have training available in San Diego. 
It is live-in-person training with exam same-day, and also access online to study ahead of time in our online course. With our online courses, you can schedule an exam date with us.
Take the wait out of becoming a notary

"Took their California approved notary class in the classroom, and they were awesome. Class was filled with a lot of students who were just starting like me and wanting to learn something new. They have loan signing training after the class and offer a lot of advice and information that you can’t get from someone with no notary experience."

Jesse Hicky

"Looked for best notary classes near me and they are really awesome. Great service and great class for a great deal the other companies are charging high and not even doing as much work as they do and they are great and genuine about it and really want to see you pass and win at being a notary"

Lisa Nuzzo

The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they enlist the help of others to make progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a notary in California, you must:

1. Be a California Resident at the time of appointment.

2. Be 18 Years of age

3. Complete an approved Course of study.

4. Pass a written, proctored, closed book examination.

5. Pass a background check.

Congratulations! This is always great to learn! If you have passed your exam now, you must await your commission package from the secretary of state to arrive. Once this is received contact us and we can get you sworn in and your supplies done as soon as possible.

With each class that we offer we provide a certificate of completion!

If you do not pass the exam, just reschedule a new examination with us. 

1. $40 check or money order payable to the “Secretary of State” for your application to be processed.

2. Your Application Photo if you do not purchase our live scan. If you purchase our live scan, a FREE application photo is provided.

3. A Valid ID

Yes! If you need to check, please use this link directly to their site:

reference: sos.ca.gov

If becoming a notary for first time or not renewing on time, you must take a six hour training. If renewing as a notary, you are required to take a three hour training. However, if desired, it is also satisfactory to take six hour training.

Unfortunately, the secretary of state specifies your commission term is 4 years. If you are not renewing on time you must complete a six hour training.

Commissions are valid for four years from the start of your commencement date. You have four years to operate, then your commission expiration occurs.

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92093La Jolla Uc San Diego, Uc Santa Barbara
92096San MarcosCa State Univ San Marcos
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92104San Diego    
92105San Diego    
92106San Diego    
92107San Diego Ocean Beach 
92108San Diego    
92109San Diego Pacific Beach 
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92128San Diego Rancho Bernardo 
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92132San Diego Naval Supply Ctr 
92133San Diego    
92134San Diego Naval Hospital 
92135San DiegoNas N Island, Nas North Island 
92136San Diego Naval Station 32nd St 
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92140San Diego Mcrd San Diego 
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92143San YsidroSan Diego   
92145San Diego Nas Miramar 
92147San Diego Asw Training Ctr 
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92150San Diego    
92152San Diego Spawars System Center
92153San DiegoNestor   
92154San Diego    
92155San Diego Naval Amphibious Base
92158San Diego San Diego County Jail 
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92161San Diego Va Hospital 
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92173San YsidroSan Diego   
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92178CoronadoSan Diego   
92179San Diego    
92182San Diego San Diego State University
92184San Diego San Diego Gas And Electric
92186San Diego    
92187San Diego San Diego Water Utilities
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