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It's Finally Here! The Live Scan Training You Need!

Fingerprinting Business:

Your journey towards fingerprinting starts here. Now go at your own pace to study and learn how to become a live scan operator.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Class

Are you looking to learn more about Californian Live Scan fingerprinting? Live Scan classes are now available! Our three-hour webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the laws and regulations surrounding Live Scan background checks. Thousands of professionals and volunteers across the state are required to submit a Live Scan for screening, so this course could be invaluable to many.

Our Live Scan classes are designed to give you the information and skills necessary for running a successful Live Scan business. Through a series of lectures, we will cover topics such as the history of fingerprinting, an overview of the Live Scan process, fingerprint scanner types and data entry techniques, submission guidelines to the California Department of Justice and FBI, best practices for operating a Live Scan business, and more. We’ll also demonstrate our own Live Scan system at work, giving you a glimpse into what’s involved in this area.

Following the webinar, attendees will have plenty of opportunity to ask detailed questions in an informal and interactive environment.

Start a Live Scan Business

Are you interested in starting a live scan business? Live scan is an invaluable part of the biometric industry, which specializes in capturing and storing digital information that holds unique characteristics of a person. Taking Notary Public Class live scan classes will provide you with the fundamentals you need to understand what is involved in working with biometrics. With the essential knowledge covered, you can then take the necessary steps for starting your own live scan business!

Live Scan business services are for individuals in need of background checks for certification, licensing, employment and more. Notary Public Classes Live Scan class teaches businesses how to provide a range of services, including mobile live scan, group live scan, ink fingerprinting and more. Adding these services can be a great way for existing businesses to avail many customers needing the same.

Mobile Fingerprinting Business

Live Scan classes offer comprehensive instruction for individuals interested in starting a Live Scan Fingerprinting business. Students gain an understanding of Live Scan Fingerprinting, Ink Card Fingerprinting, and Mobile Fingerprinting Business. Through each class, participants will be prepared to meet customer requirements and can enter the lucrative field of Live Scan Fingerprinting with confidence.

If you’re looking to gain expertise in the biometric industry, live scan fingerprint classes are a great way to get started. Live scan technology has become popular in recent years, and taking a fingerprint class can help you increase your knowledge of how it works and how to use it correctly. These courses cover everything from basic principles and concepts to the technical components of systems, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the biometrics landscape.

Our Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes are educational courses that teach the basics of using a live scan machine for taking digital fingerprints. These classes cover topics such as safety, hygiene, materials, and issues related to the capture of live scan images. Our Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes also cover the proper and safe handling of chemicals used in conjunction with live scans, and provide instruction on how to submit live scan prints to appropriate law enforcement or other agencies.

Are you interested in obtaining a Live Scan Certification? Take one of our classes and learn all the different techniques and procedures for rolling fingerprints. We will provide comprehensive instruction about all regulations, proper methods of rolling prints for ink cards, customer requirements for obtaining criminal history records, and immigration documents. With this certification, you can successfully complete any fingerprints rolling task with ease!