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Notary Public Class provides the best supplies. View our store to purchase what’s required and additional supplies to accommodate your commission :).

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Get A Full Notary Package

Notary Public Class is a one-stop-shop for becoming a notary offering supplies, insurance, and extended training. 

Get A Full Notary Package

Notary Public Class offers a one stop shop for becoming a notary, supplies, insurance, and extended training.

Notary Stamps
Notary Journals
Notary Certificates
Notary Stamps
Notary Journals
Notary Certificates
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Required CA notary supplies

California Notaries must get a $15,000 Notary bond, seal stamp, journal, and thumbprinter.

Notary Journal Deal

“Unlock a special notary journal deal with our exclusive bundle of five high-quality journals. Perfect for meticulous record-keeping, each journal is crafted to meet the highest standards. Secure your notary transactions with this limited-time offer, providing you with a set of five premium journals for thorough documentation. Elevate your notary practice with our comprehensive journal deal – the ideal solution for meticulous professionals.”

Ca Notary Certificates

Our Notary Certificates are California Acknowledgment and Jurat certificate pads and customizable, digital copies.

Each pad contains 50 certificates and helpful how-to instructions.

The digital notary certificates are customized to fit your notary commission.

Choose Your State Notary Package

Elevate your notary experience with us! We proudly provide premium notary supplies and training services, catering to clients across the United States and throughout America. Trust us for comprehensive solutions that ensure your notary needs are met with excellence, wherever you are in the country.