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We’d love to help you become a Notary! Our live courses are interactive and entertaining. Certified professionals teach all classes with years of experience. We provide the training materials and take the hassle out of getting your notary commission. Click below to register for our live class!

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Study For Your Exam Using Our Online Platform.

We provide online training. This includes instructor teaching you from start to finish, exam prep, flash cards, quizzes, certification, and exam reserved seat. Use our platform to study the material at your own pace. Alternatively, choose to come into our live class with a free online study option. Our course is designed for all experience levels. Our online platform is a convenient tool that allows you to review it anywhere and anytime!

Attend our Live In Person Seminar.

Come in for your seminar. You now have already got a good understanding of requirements, tools, laws, exam prep, etc. Now its time to intensify that. With attending our course we get you prepared within 6 hours to take your exam!

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Take your Notary Exam Same Day

As per secretary of state, all applicants for appointments must pass a written, proctored, closed book, examination. Please note this exam is distributed in person and not online. We take the hard part of taking the exam and passing it as we have exams after each of our classes.

Why take an online training from a platform that will send you to register for your notary exam? With exam dates a month or more out in scheduling. CPS HR Consulting is overbooked for exams, leading you to wait more than thirty days. CPS HR Consulting conducts exams on site every class date Notary Public Class has listed. 

Get Extended Training.

While awaiting your results we recommend you learn how to become a notary loan signing agent in California. Improve your performance as a notary by learning our loan signing system we have for a great career path. In addition, we offer for free a three-month accountability partner to make sure your making money. Class Available: live and online.

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CA State Approved Courses Training

Notary Public Class offers new and renewing training in the State of California. We offer live in-person notary classes, online notary training, notary supplies, notary background checks, notary loan signing training and more. 

They are authorized to provide excellent training! Great experience.

Yasin Mert

Looking for something else?


Exam Retake

Occasionally, students have to retake their exam. We try our best to offer the most options to pass your exam. So what happens if you fail the notary exam is? You do NOT have to pay for a new class. You are offered a FREE class through Notary Public Class and exam seat. You MUST bring a check for state still.


Exam Seat Purchase

We offer examination seats for each class we have available. Take the notary examination with us. Why wait to take the notary examination with the state? Schedule your exam with us today. We offer a clean environment, on-site background checks, applications, application photos, supplies, and more.


Live Scan

We offer live scan services on-site, same-day as scheduled Live Class & Exam.  A live scan is a background check. The secretary of state uses a background check to verify each person’s Criminal record, Education,Employment history, And captures the digital image of applicants’ fingerprints. Do not purchase if you have already purchased in your main order with class. 


Loan Signing

Our workshop contains the knowledge, scenarios, and experience necessary to create a lucrative side business (a six-figure side business at that). Between completing notarizations, and a loan package you’re set for your first appointment. Maybe even while awaiting your commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a notary in California, you must:

1. Be a California Resident at the time of appointment.

2. Be 18 Years of age

3. Complete an approved Course of study.

4. Pass a written, proctored, closed book examination.

5. Pass a background check.

Congratulations! This is always great to learn! If you have passed your exam now, you must await your commission package from the secretary of state to arrive. Once this is received contact us and we can get you sworn in and your supplies done as soon as possible.

With each class that we offer we provide a certificate of completion!

If you do not pass the exam, just reschedule a new examination with us. 

1. $40 check or money order payable to the “Secretary of State” for your application to be processed.

2. Your Application Photo if you do not purchase our live scan. If you purchase our live scan, a FREE application photo is provided.

3. A Valid ID

Yes! If you need to check, please use this link directly to their site:


If becoming a notary for first time or not renewing on time, you must take a six hour training. If renewing as a notary, you are required to take a three hour training. However, if desired, it is also satisfactory to take six hour training.

Unfortunately, the secretary of state specifies your commission term is 4 years. If you are not renewing on time you must complete a six hour training.

Commissions are valid for four years from the start of your commencement date. You have four years to operate, then your commission expiration occurs.