Notary Public Class

Become an Arizona Notary Public

Become an Arizona Notary Public

Are you ready to take your notary career to new heights? Welcome to the first journey toward becoming a notary in Arizona!

Are you ready to take your notary career to new heights? Welcome to the first journey toward becoming a notary in Arizona!

Your Ultimate Destination for
Arizona Notary Bonds and Supplies

We’re not just another bonding agency; we’re your all-in-one solution for everything you need to become an Arizona notary. Discover seamless access to Arizona bonds, notary supplies, expert guidance, and unwavering support – all under one roof.

Get started with confidence by purchasing your essential notary supplies. From bonds to stamps and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

As application processes can differ, we recommend reaching out to the probate judge in your county for specific guidance.

We’ll provide you with straightforward, step-by-step guidance.

Additional Resources

State requirements and step-by-step instructions on the AZ Notary commissioning process

Why Choose the N.P.C for Your Arizona Notary Bond and Supplies

Selecting an Arizona Notary supply package through NPC (Notary Public Class) ensures your compliance with the state's requirements for becoming a commissioned Notary Public. Your package comprises the mandatory $5,000 Notary bond and journal. Furthermore, it grants you access to the NPC Hotline throughout your Arizona Notary commission, allowing newly appointed Notaries to receive real-time expert guidance on Notary procedures.
In Arizona, Notary licenses are granted by probate judges in various counties and are valid for a duration of 4 years. The Notary bond must be submitted and officially recorded by the probate judge before commencing Notary duties.

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