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The solution to your notary commissioning. Notary Public Class gives you the training you need and mentorship to manage it. With Notary Public Class, you can finally take control of your commission.

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Notary Training

Get access to online training, notary application, commissioning assistance, notary loan signing agent training, notary mentorship, our help line, and more. 

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Notary Services

Need documents notarized? We have thousands of notaries waiting for the opportunity to service you. Notary Public Class trains and certifies notary signing agents who are just a call away. 

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Notary Management

Manage your notary commission with Notary Public Class. We have our notary help line and notary mentorship to assist our students.

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Become a Notary Public, Same Day Class and Exam

Notary Public Class Is A One-Stop-Shop For Becoming a Notary in California

We’ve made it easier than ever to sit for the state exam and become a California notary. All you have to do is take our one-day class, then take your exam (same day and location) at our facility (process usually can take about 4 months to a year outside of notary public class trying to figure out everything YOURSELF).

Yes, that is right. Notary Public Class was created so that employees, entrepreneurs, and future entrepreneurs who do not know how to become a notary, how to make financial freedom from it can easily take our course live or online, get prepped for your exam, and pass our exam in one day! 

Let us show you how it works:

Next Available Live Class
Saturday, June 18th, 2022

We’d love to help you become a Notary! Our live courses are interactive and entertaining. Certified professionals teach all classes with years of experience. We provide the training materials and take the hassle out of getting your notary commission. Click below to register for our live class!

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Start Your Business with our Extended Training.

Join our Loan Signing Pro Class
Thursday June 23rd 2022
from 10am - 3pm.

At Notary Public Class, we’re all about making your business better. That’s why we’ve put together presentations and communities for growing your business with our extended trainings. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? You know your business needs more, but you’re not sure where to start. And that’s okay—we’ve all been there. But don’t worry—we’re here for you! 

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Start Your Fingerprinting Business with our Live Scan Class.

We provide live hand on training. This includes instructor teaching you from start to finish on how to operate various live scan machines, Ink fingerprint process, Overview of fingerprint impressions, Best- practice tips, Marketing, Application Process / Requirements and more. Reserve your seat on Thursday. May 12, 2022  after the live class utilize our online class and study the material at your own pace. Our course is designed for all experience levels. Our online platform is a convenient tool that allows you to review it anywhere and anytime! click the link below to join now.

Study For Your Exam Using Our Online Platform.

We provide online training. This includes instructor teaching you from start to finish, exam prep, flash cards, quizzes, certification, and exam reserved seat. Use our platform to study the material at your own pace. Alternatively, choose to come into our live class with a free online study option. Our course is designed for all experience levels. Our online platform is a convenient tool that allows you to review it anywhere and anytime!

Get Instant Training Access

On the same day of purchase, you’ll get access to our online training system to start to learn. With instruction given easy, flashcards, quizzes, exam prep, and resources, you are guaranteed to pass the California State Exam on your first try.

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Attend our Live In Person Seminar.

Come in for your seminar. You now have already got a good understanding of requirements, tools, laws, exam prep, etc. Now its time to intensify that. With attending our course we get you prepared within 6 hours to take your exam!

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Take your Notary Exam Same Day

As per secretary of state, all applicants for appointments must pass a written, proctored, closed book, examination. Please note this exam is distributed in person and not online. We take the hard part of taking the exam and passing it as we have exams after each of our classes.

Why take an online training from a platform that will send you to register for your notary exam? With exam dates a month or more out in scheduling. CPS HR Consulting is overbooked for exams, leading you to wait more than thirty days. CPS HR Consulting conducts exams on site every class date Notary Public Class has listed. 

Become a Loan Signing Agent.

While awaiting your results we recommend you learn how to become a notary loan signing agent in California. Improve your performance as a notary by learning our loan signing system we have for a great career path. In addition, we offer for free a three-month accountability partner to make sure your making money. Class Available: live and online.

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