How to Become a Notary Public in Illinois: Your Comprehensive Guide with Notary Public Class

Are you considering a career as a Notary Public in Illinois? Becoming a notary is a valuable opportunity to serve your community and enhance your career prospects. However, the process can seem complex. That’s where we come in.

how do you become a notary public in illinois

Let Notary Public Class Simplify Your Path to Becoming an Illinois Notary Public

At Notary Public Class, we specialize in assisting aspiring notaries to fulfill their education and testing requirements, acquire the necessary supplies, and ensure a smooth path to obtaining their Illinois Notary Commission. Our mission is to provide first-rate service, offer helpful how-to’s, and equip you with everything you need to make getting your Notary commission easy and worry-free.

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The Steps to Becoming an Illinois Notary Public

Here’s a breakdown of the essential steps and requirements to become a notary public in Illinois:

1. Eligibility Requirements

To become a notary in Illinois, you must meet specific eligibility requirements, including being at least 18 years old, being able to read and write in English, and having a valid driver’s license or state ID card.

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2. Education and Testing

Fulfill the education and testing requirements mandated by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. This typically includes completing an approved notary education course and passing a state exam.

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3. Notary Bond

Secure a notary bond, which is a requirement for all Illinois notaries. The bond provides financial protection to the public in case of errors or misconduct.

Explore your bonding options here.

4. Illinois Notary Application

Complete the Illinois notary application, providing accurate information about your qualifications and personal details.

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5. Commission Certificate

Once your application is approved, you will receive your Notary Commission Certificate, which authorizes you to perform notarial acts in the state of Illinois.

Learn about receiving your commission certificate.

6. Notary Supplies

Order the necessary notary supplies, including a notary stamp, notary journal, and any additional accessories required for your notarial duties.

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7. Surety Bond

Maintain your surety bond throughout your notary career to protect yourself and the public.

Ensure you have the necessary surety bond in place.

8. Comply with Laws and Regulations

Stay informed about Illinois notary laws and regulations to ensure you’re always in compliance.

Stay updated on notary laws and regulations here.

Commission Revoked or Suspended?

If you’ve had your notary commission revoked or suspended in the past or have been convicted of a felony, it’s essential to understand the steps to regain your commission and rebuild your notary career.

Discover the path to restoring your notary commission.

Conducting Business in Illinois

Whether you’re running your own business in Illinois or offering notarial services as part of your profession, we can guide you on how to incorporate notarization seamlessly into your operations.

Learn how to integrate notary services into your business in Illinois.


Becoming a Notary Public in Illinois is a significant achievement, opening doors to various opportunities. With Notary Public Class by your side, you can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing you have the support, guidance, and supplies needed for success.

Ready to become an Illinois Notary Public? Contact us today, and let’s make the process easy and stress-free. Trust Notary Public Class for all your notary needs in Illinois.

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