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What are the requirements to become a Notary in California?

To become a notary in California, you must:

1. Be a California Resident at the time of appointment.

2. Be 18 Years of age

3. Complete an approved Course of study.

4. Pass a written, proctored, closed book examination.

5. Pass a background check.

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I Passed The Exam. Whats Next?

Congratulations! This is always great to learn! If you have passed your exam now, you must await your commission package from the secretary of state to arrive. Once this is received contact us and we can get you sworn in and your supplies done as soon as possible.

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Do i get a certificate with the class?

With each class that we offer we provide a certificate of completion!

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What if i do not pass exam?

If you do not pass the exam, just reschedule a new examination with us. 

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What do i need to bring for class?

1. $40 check or money order payable to the “Secretary of State” for your application to be processed.

2. Your Application Photo if you do not purchase our live scan. If you purchase our live scan, a FREE application photo is provided.

3. A Valid ID

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Is this course approved with the secretary of state?

Yes! If you need to check, please use this link directly to their site:

reference: sos.ca.gov

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How long is the notary training?

If becoming a notary for first time or not renewing on time, you must take a six hour training. If renewing as a notary, you are required to take a three hour training. However, if desired, it is also satisfactory to take six hour training.

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I was a notary years ago. I can just renew right?

Unfortunately, the secretary of state specifies your commission term is 4 years. If you are not renewing on time you must complete a six hour training.

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How long is a notary commission valid for?

Commissions are valid for four years from the start of your commencement date. You have four years to operate, then your commission expiration occurs.

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