Best Practice Tips

Learn best practice tips as a notary public to implement.

Always record the fee charged for each notarial act performed. If you do not charge a fee or did not charge a fee, indicate this fact by documenting “$0” for fees or write “no fee.” The fee entered never should exceed the maximum fee provided in California Government Code section 8211. Acknowledgment or […]

Notaries public play a vital role in upholding the authenticity and legality of various documents. However, like any profession, notaries can make mistakes. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some common notary mistakes and provide insights on how to prevent them. From ensuring the preprinted venue on a notary certificate is correct

A notary public cannot take an acknowledgment on a document that is incomplete. When presented with a document containing a signature to be notarized, the notary public should visually scan the document to determine if the document is complete. Blank spaces and blank lines should be examined to ensure information is not missing. Also, if a notary public has experience with a particular type of document, and knows what information should be stated in the document, and that information is missing or incomplete, the notary public must refuse to notarize the signature.

Notary Journal 101. How to secure your Notary public journal. No person except the notary public can have access to the notary public’s journal outside of the notary public’s presence including an employer who paid for the notary public’s journal. The journal must be stored in a locked and secured area that is under the direct and exclusive control of the notary public, for example a locking file cabinet, a safe or locked office.

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