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Becoming a California Notary public comes with important responsibilities. Failure to perform your duties may result in consequences. It would be best if you were well-prepared for this responsibility. We have included all the essential details regarding the exam in this California Notary Public Practice Exam Section. This post will cover understanding to fulfill your notary public duties and pass the state’s notary public exam.

What is a Notary Exam?

All applicants seeking appointment as a notary public will be required to satisfactorily pass a written exam before being able to be appointed as a notary public. This applies to both new and reappointing notaries. We have exams available check out this list for exams happening with Notary Public Class by clicking here. Our exams come with exam prep for our notary public class students.

A set score ranging from 70 to 100 will always be a passing score, and any number between 0 to 69 will always represent a failing score. Now that you understand the basic structure of California’s notary public practice exam; let’s move on to other details of this examination:  

What do i need for Notary Exam?

  • A current photo identification (e.g. California Driver’s License or Identification Card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles);
  • A complete current Notary Public Application form;
  • A 2″ x 2″ color passport photo of yourself;
  • The Proof of Completion certificate of your six-hour or three-hour approved education course;
  • The $40.00 exam and application processing fee (or $20.00 exam fee for applicants who previously took the exam and failed). Payment must be by check or money order made payable to the Secretary of State (cash is not accepted at the exam site).

Exam results will be available 15 business days after the examination. CPS HR Consulting will mail the exam results to applicants. A score of at least 70 is required to pass the exam. Exam results will not be discussed over the telephone.

Here are some other details that you will need to become a notary in California:

The first thing to understand is that the notary public official is appointed by the Secretary of State for a set term of four (4) years. Below is our comprehensive checklist that you must follow to become a Notary Public in California.

  • One must meet basic qualifications such as 18+ years of age, read, understand and write in English, Legal State Resident, and cannot have a felony.
  • Complete obligatory six-hour education.
  • Fulfill and complete a Notary application.
  • Pass a written exam and submit application.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Wait for commission issuance(Check out what’s in a Commission packet here).
  • Purchase notary supply package.
  • Submit notary bond and oath.

A notary’s public duties come with many responsibilities. The notary acts as a witness to the identity of an individual who wants attestation on official documents. Notary publics in California must be commissioned in their original county of residence, but they have statewide jurisdiction to notarize within their state. Ready to apply to become a Notary? Click here for our courses and register for your exam today.

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