Notary Public Class

About our 6 hour course

The 6-hour course is mandatory for:
1. An individual who has never held a Notary Public Commission.
2. An individual whose commission expires before applying for a new commission. Such an individual must take an approved six-hour notary public education course before they can be appointed for another term as a notary public, even if the individual previously satisfactorily completed an approved six-hour course.

The 6-hour Course
To become a notary, it is mandatory to complete a six-hour course of study that is approved by the California Secretary of State concerning the functions and duties of a notary public. This course teaches everything you need to know about becoming a notary from scratch.
Our six-hour course is designed to satisfactorily prepare all new and renewing notary publics to pass the State Exam on their first try. The course covers everything, from the latest laws and regulations, the basics of fingerprinting, the Journal, Jurats, Affidavits, sworn statements, forms of identification, and much more.
Our instructors are highly trained professionals who are also notaries with ample Notary experience.

When you register for the 6-hour course with us, you get access to multiple exams, quizzes, flashcards, and videos to sufficiently prepare you for the state exam.
Also, we offer an online course to help you immediately get started on learning how to become a Notary Public in California.

Notary Public Class
Author: Notary Public Class

Notary Public Class is the leading notary school in the state of California. Whether you are looking to become a Notary or to renew your current commission as a California Notary Public, Notary Public Class is the go-to option. We have the best courses and study materials that are state-approved and that will thoroughly prepare you to pass the State Notary Public Exam on your first attempt. We have an impeccable reputation as the best notary trainers in the field, and our enviable track record of high passing rates coupled with our high sense of professionalism is what makes us the first call for new and renewing notaries all over California. Our Notary Public materials are designed by notary experts to simulate reality and ensure that all our applicants are well acquainted with real-life instances that will require them to perform their notary duties. A Notary Public Class, our goal is to provide our students with all the help they need to achieve their dream of becoming a notary public or renewing as a notary public.