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If you’re a notary public in California, you’ve probably heard you need to get a bond. It’s true! Every notary public must file a $ 15k bond with the County Clerks.

We know what you’re thinking: Ugh, another fee! But don’t worry—the bond fee is much lower than the $15,000 it seems like at first glance. In fact, most people pay less than $50 for it! Yes a 15k bond at a bond rate of $50!

A notary public bond is not an insurance policy for the notary public. The bond is designed only to provide a limited source of funds for paying claims against the notary public. The notary public remains personally liable to the full extent of any damages suffered. Lastly, you may be required to reimburse the bonding company for amounts paid by the company for notary misconduct or negligence.

What is the bond cost?

Typically ranging from $38-$50 in the bond amount of $15,000

Who does the bond protect?

The bond protects the public from notary misconduct.

What are the requirements?

Bonding requirements are based on state law for notaries you must file this type of bond with your county clerks.

Does bond work off of personal credit?

Our Surety company will not do a personal credit check. No credit score needed.

When does my surety bond expire?

Surety bonds have expiration dates listed. Notary 15k Surety bonds typically last four years.

How do I file my surety bond?

Learn how with our oath of office and surety bond article.

What if I don’t file it right?

Learn what happens with our I did not file my oath and bond on time, what do I do? Article here.

In the ending, this bond is designed to give you peace of mind and provide you with a financial cushion to handle possible mistakes as a notary. This is why most states require a notary public to maintain this bond.

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