Notary Report

Who Can View a Notary Journal? Understanding Access and Privacy

Notary Journal 101. How to secure your Notary public journal. No person except the notary public can have access to the notary public’s journal outside of the notary public’s presence including an employer who paid for the notary public’s journal. The journal must be stored in a locked and secured area that is under the direct and exclusive control of the notary public, for example a locking file cabinet, a safe or locked office.

Eligibility for Notary Public: The Ultimate 2024 Checklist for Aspiring Notaries

To be eligible for appointment, a person must:

1). Be a California resident at the time of appointment (unless appointed to serve on a military or naval reservation);
2). Be at least 18 years of age;

3). Complete a course of study approved by the California Secretary of State;
(We have Notary Classes on our site both live and online classes available)
4). Pass a written, proctored, closed-book examination; and
5). Pass a background check.
A disqualifying crime is any felony.

If you meet the requirements above. Take Our 6-hour course on How to Become a Notary Public in California. It is available live and online.

Navigating the 6-Hour Notary Course in California: Everything You Need to Know

Notary Public Class offers a six-hour course of study that is approved by the California Secretary of State concerning the functions and duties of a notary public. We teach you how to become a notary public in California in our certified live and online notary classes. This course teaches everything you need to know about becoming a notary from scratch.
Our six-hour course is designed to satisfactorily prepare all new and renewing notary publics to pass the State Exam on their first try. The course covers everything, from the latest laws and regulations, the basics of fingerprinting, the Journal, Jurats, Affidavits, sworn statements, forms of identification, and much more.
Our instructors are highly trained professionals who are also notaries with ample Notary experience.