Can you take a notary class online?

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Can you take a notary class online?

Becoming a notary can be stressful or stress free, it depends on how you prepare for it. A question asked commonly for California notaries is “Can you take a notary class online?”.

And, the answer may shock you. It’s true! You can take a notary class online and become a notary without having to go to a physical classroom for the training. However, you MUST take exams in person.

Notary Public Class offers California State approved 6- and 3-hour notary courses, with flexible options for your preferred learning style. Moreover, if you have time to attend a live in-person seminar, we regularly conduct those at locations around the state. We also offer an online training platform for self-paced learning.

You can get started today by checking eligibility to become a notary public and our schedule. Our schedule has all upcoming seminars and enrolls in the one that works best for your schedule. In addition, if you prefer to learn at your own pace, check out our online portal.

If you purchase either of these options, we’ll give you access to our free online course, so you can start learning before your scheduled seminar date.

To conclude, our mission is to help aspiring notaries become trained and equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed in their work. We look forward to helping you on this journey!

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