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Are you looking for a 10 000 notary bond? Notary bonds are required in all 50 states. The $10 000 surety bond for notary is for Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. So what is a 10 000 notary bond for exactly? if you’re a notary public, it’s important that you have the right surety bond to protect both you and your clients.

What is a 10 000 notary bond?

What does a notary bond do? A notary bond ensures that you will act ethically, and in compliance with your state’s laws when completing a notarization.

For example, if a client files a claim against a notary. Or if there’s any damage done to them due to your actions while notarizing. Then, they can file a claim against the bond and collect up to the full amount of the bond ($10,000). To validate the claim, however, the client must prove that your professional misconduct caused their damages.

The good news is that purchasing one of these bonds is easy! All you need to do is fill out our super short application. There is no credit check required, and once it’s approved, we’ll send it over to you. You’ll pay under $100 for years of coverage, and once your term has ended, we’ll notify you about renewing your bond.

$10 000 surety bond for notary:

  • Idaho Notary Bond, 6 Year Term, $10,000
  • Michigan Notary Bond, 6 Year Term, $10,000
  • Missouri Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • Nevada Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • New Mexico Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • Pennsylvania Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • Tennessee Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • Texas Notary Bond, 4 Year Term, $10,000
  • Washington Notary Bond4 Year Term$10

But don’t worry! Getting your bond is totally easy with our online application. Simply submit it today and we’ll get back to you within one business day with the next steps. Being bonded will give you the peace of mind and financial protection you need to focus on the important things—like being an amazing notary.

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