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25000 notary bond

A 25000 notary bond is a type of surety bond that notaries public need to purchase before they begin to notarize documents for the public.

What is a $25000 notary bond for?

New notaries and experienced notaries alike need to purchase a notary surety bond to ensure their clients are protected.

It means that if someone has an issue with your work, they can file a claim against your notary bond and request compensation up to the full amount of the bond. If the claim is valid, the surety will cover these costs.

Our 25000 notary bond will protect your clients.

How Much Does a $25000 Notary Bond Cost?

Our 25000 Alabama Notary Bond covers $25,000 of damages and is valid for 4 years. The cost is just $50!

Our Indiana Notary Surety Bond covers $25,000 of damages and is valid for 8 years. The cost is just $50!

The Montana Notary Surety Bond covers $25,000 of damages and is valid for 4 years. The cost is just $50!

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