Alaska Notary bond $2,500

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Congratulations on becoming a notary in Alaska! While you’re probably super excited, you’re also probably feeling a little daunted by the process of getting your state of Alaska notary bond.

Let’s break it down:

The Alaska bond must be for $2,500. The bond should cost around $48 for four years.

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What is a Notary Surety Bond?

A Notary Surety Bond protects the citizens of Alaska against financial loss due to improper work performed by a licensed notary public. Moreover, the State of Alaska requires a surety bond to ensure that notaries perform their duties with honesty and integrity.

Your surety bond guarantees that you will perform your duties complying with all state laws and rules, or be financially liable for any damages arising from failure to do so.

In conclusion, the cost to obtain your surety bond is only $48 for a four year term. Which is only $12 per year! You can easily apply online and receive your notary bond as soon as possible! Why wait? Get bonded today!

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