Can a Notary Notarize a Marriage Certificate? Understanding the Process

Navigating the notarization of a marriage certificate can be a unique process, and understanding the specific requirements is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore the steps involved in notarizing a marriage certificate, focusing on the guidelines provided for Florida and California notaries.

Notarizing a Marriage License Application: Insights from Florida:

If you find yourself notarizing a marriage license application in Florida, it’s important to note that the form comprises three sections:

  1. The “Application to Marry”
  2. The “License to Marry” (completed and stamped by the Clerk of the Circuit Court)
  3. The “Certificate of Marriage” (to be completed by the Notary)

As a notary in Florida, you are responsible for completing only the “Certificate of Marriage” section after performing the wedding ceremony. Your Notary seal must be affixed in space 23b of this section.

Notarization Process in California:

In California, the rules differ. Notaries are not authorized to notarize marriage licenses or copies of marriage licenses. However, there are specific actions a notary can legally perform:

  1. Notarize a signature on a document custodian form.
  2. Notarize a sworn statement or letter attesting to the authenticity of a copy of a marriage license certificate.

FAQ: Do I Include My Stamp on the Marriage License Application?

In the context of Florida, you only need to affix your Notary seal in space 23b of the “Certificate of Marriage” section. Your stamp is not required on the other sections of the marriage license application.


Notarizing a marriage certificate involves different steps depending on the state. For Florida notaries, completing the “Certificate of Marriage” is the key responsibility, while California notaries have specific limitations regarding marriage licenses. Always refer to your state statutes and seek guidance if confronted with a unique notarization situation. Understanding the nuances ensures you fulfill your role accurately and in compliance with state laws. If you have further questions, consider reaching out to expert helpline counselors for assistance. Want to perform marriages for California? Check out our Marriage Class.

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