Common Notary Mistakes

With being a notary public sometimes errors can be made. Occasionally you make mistakes, and of course, these need to be fixed. You want to make sure to double-check your work to assure no mistakes are made. We have put together a guide to how to avoid common notary mistakes as a notary public.

Mistake #1: Not reading the certificate contents carefully 

Make sure you grasp what you are notarizing and what you are being tasked with. If you don’t, this can lead to the rejection of documents.

Mistake #2: Not using your name on commission

The name you wrote the Notary certificate must always match the name entered on your official Notary Commission.

Notary #3: Not using your official notary signature

A common question asked is “does a notary have to sign or just stamp”? Your signature must always match the signature filed with your commissioning. Please use this same signature, or documents will be rejected. Notaries must sign their wording certificates, provide a notary stamp and signature. With the name listed on their notary commission in states like Texas. In states like Florida, notaries are restricted from using any names or initials to their signature if it doesn’t match what’s filed with their commissioning. To learn what a notarized signature looks like.

Mistake #4: Not using notary venue

When thinking of the venue, think of “hey, where’s the venue going to be held?” Remember that the venue is the location of signing, and this must be accurate for each notarization.

Mistake #5: Not checking the date to assure it’s correct

With time going by fast, always check your calendar as postdates are not allowed and a significant error. In addition, always make sure to have the correct date on each document, especially if it is preprinted.

Mistake #6: Using your notary stamp wrong

A common question from notaries is “does a notarized document need a seal”? The answer is Documents should be stamped, sealed, and delivered for signers. If your notary sure learns much about stamps by checking out where to stamp a notary seal and what does a notary public stamp looks like. You must ensure the seal is not placed over signatures or any printed matter on the document. The notary public should affix a new impression if the seal impression is unclear. You must never attempt to fix the old one, even if this requires attaching a separate notarial certificate.

Mistake #7: Forgetting your title

In California, notaries must include the title for each certificate of acknowledgment form they notarize. Make sure your commission name is printed and your “Notary Public” title is applied. Failure to do so may result in the rejected document (s).

Mistake #8: Rushing through the signing

Always take your time. Don’t overthink. Don’t overbook. Make sure to always perform your official acts correctly.

Mistake #9: Not learning state requirements

Know your state laws. Know what’s required from your state. 

Mistake #10: Not being prepared for notary signings

Whether new or renewing, ensure you have the right tools for success in notarizing for customers. Learning things like the correct way to notarize a document.

 We offer an introductory course to start your career as a notary public if you need assistance getting ready.

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