What is A Mobile Notary?

What is a Mobile Notary and What Services Do They Provide?

A mobile notary public witnesses the signing of important documents. They will travel to places to do their work, such as their client’s home or place of work. Most mobile notaries will also charge a small fee to travel at your convenience.

Being mobile doesn’t require an extra license or training from the secretary of state to operate. A notary license correct term is notary commission. In addition to the travel fees, they may also charge a fee per signature.

The mobile notary service & process generally involves:

  1. The customer presents identification
  2. The signer signs the document
  3. The notary public completes their notarial duties. Notaries carry notary supplies to perform their duties.

Where to Find a Mobile Notary

It’s helpful to know your options. When in need, you don’t have to go to a notary office. Mobile notaries travel and will come to you.

Notaries are in great demand. Many people need someone to notarize their documents for real estate, loan signing, or various reasons. Recently, there has been an option for get notarized documents at their convenience, without having to leave their home or office.

Because mobile notaries charge a travel fee, it may be best to find one who is somewhat local to your area. You can find them online or locally.

What are the Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary?

When it comes to document verification, the result is the most important part. With mobile, you can complete this at your home or office.

This service provides security and convenience for both parties involved. This may be a place of work or at your home office. But finding a notary is normally easy.

In conclusion:

Mobile notaries are convenient. They are specialists in their field.

They are state notary. Also, have completed training, been background-checked, paid their filing fee, etc for the job.

They travel to your location to provide signing services. They assist many signers additionally as signing agents or notary signing agents which can be found here.

If you need a document notarized on the spot, this is what you’re looking for. As a state notary, they are always looking for notary applicants to assist.

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