Notary loan signing agent: The Closing Date

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Congratulations! How awesome! Your closing day is near. Home closing already scheduled. You are waiting for your new home.

The experience of receiving your new home is magical. But, before receiving your home comes one last step: closing documents. A load of paperwork signing comes first. Signing is to show proof of new ownership. And the person to show proof of signing is the: notary signing agent.

So, what exactly is a notary signing agent?

A notary signing agent is a notary public with certification to walk a borrower through the paperwork necessary to close their home. They conduct the closing for every person buying property in the U.S.

What is a notary?

A notary is present to impartially witness the signing of the document, verify identity, and provide an official certificate used for verification purposes. Notaries help many people throughout the day.

Why are Notary Signing Agents Used?

Notaries watch the signing of important documents. When you have documents pertaining to real property and need to file them with the registrar recorders office. They look up the notary information to ensure their database matches the notaries information that assists you.

Notary duties require:

  1. Verifying identity,

2. Completing notary certificate with notary seal,

3. Recording of act in notary journal,

4. Awareness of pages completed,

5. Witnessing of signatures and initials,

Lastly, in some states, you can even do an electronic notarization and electronic filing.

How can I find a NSA?

Online Searching has made it so easy to now find a notary signing agent. You can go through: Signing services, have the company you are signing with present one or contact one directly.

Signing agents are needed daily. If you are closing on your home, be prepared for signing documents to confirm you agree to the details.

After the signing

Lastly, after the signing, comes time to close and get your keys. How fun is that. You have done the work, and deserve a house warming gift. Cheers to signing agents, escrow companies, and most importantly you the new home owner.

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