How to complete a notary jurat

Completing the notary jurat can be confusing. Maybe you are unsure which document you have to complete. Is it notary acknowledgment or notary jurat? Or how to fill out a jurat in California?

Make sure to avoid common mistakes, rest assured with this article on the matter.

As notaries, you must complete the notary venue.

The “venue” is the first part of the notarial certificate, which indicates in what county both the person taking the oath (or affirming) and the notary are located in the “venue” statement.

In short: The venue specifies where the notary public performed the oath or affirmation and where the signer appeared in the notary public’s presence.

As a notary of California: The “State” is always California since the notary public has jurisdiction only within California.

Is the county my business county?

Since a notary public can provide notarial services within California. They are not limited to the county where their business is located. Therefore, this county may not be the county the notary resides in or has the company situated.

What’s next?

Now is the time to complete the statement of information.

The notary public must complete the jurat with the day, month and year that the signer personally appeared before the notary public, took the oath or affirmation, and signed the document. The notary public must enter the person’s name, sign and swearing to the document’s truth were indicated after the word “by.” The notary public must sign and stamp the jurat with their notarial seal.

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