What is a notarial act?

A notary public must always ensure that they have a notarial act that they have completed steps required. These steps are outlined below.

A notarial act is an action that a notary performs. It can be an acknowledgment, a jurat, proof of execution, or a certifying copy of power of attorney. In short, it is what a notary uses to perform their duties.

A notarial act is a legal act authorized by a notary public and performed before the notary. And, essential in the process of establishing certain facts.

A notary has a great responsibility in performing a positive identification of the person(s) requesting the service, and sometimes takes an oath and affirmation before providing services to the public.

For instance, Kate will leave the country for one year and has a declaration of guardianship to give her sister Karen. With the guardianship, Kate places information such as the child’s birthdate, ssn, etc. Kate wants to swear that everything is true and not a lie, so there is no problem that may arise by the person receiving document from Karen.

In conclusion:

Notaries have a notarial act that shows the signer has swore to the contents of the document. There is also a document from the notary stating that the signer acknowledges signing the document.

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