Notarizing Documents for Visitors: A Guide for California Notaries

California notaries public frequently encounter clients from other states or even other countries who need documents notarized. While you strive to assist everyone, understanding the legal guidelines for these situations is crucial.

This blog post from Notary Public Class will guide you through notarizing documents for out-of-state and international visitors in California.

Can You Notarize for Out-of-State or International Visitors?

The good news is that California notaries can generally notarize documents for visitors from other states and countries. As long as the signer is physically present in California at the time of notarization, you can proceed.

Important Considerations:

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Valid ID: Ensure the visitor presents a valid government-issued ID that proves their identity and California residency (for the moment of notarization).
  • Document Requirements: The document itself should comply with California notary laws, regardless of the origin state.
  • Notary Knowledge: If you’re unfamiliar with the specific document type, it’s advisable to consult a notary handbook or refer the client to a notary specializing in that type of document.

Additional Resources for California Notaries:

California notaries have access to valuable resources to stay informed and handle complex situations:

  • California Secretary of State Notary Public Information: This website provides official information on notary public duties, qualifications, and legal requirements in California. (

Finding Additional Support:

Consider exploring resources offered by organizations dedicated to notary education and professional development. These resources can provide valuable knowledge for handling various notarization situations.


By understanding the guidelines and utilizing available resources, California notaries can confidently and compliantly handle document notarizations for visitors from other states and countries.

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