Can I Notarize Automobile-Related Documents? A Guide for Notaries Public

As a notary public, you frequently encounter a variety of documents requiring notarization. One common question that arises is whether you can notarize automobile-related documents.

This blog post will explore the role of notaries in handling car titles, bills of sale, and other vehicle documents.

The Role of a Notary in Automobile Transactions:

Notaries play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity of signatures on legal documents. In the context of automobile transactions, notarization can help prevent fraud and protect both the buyer and seller.

Can You Notarize Car Titles?

In most cases, yes, you can notarize car titles. The specific requirements may vary slightly by state. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Verify Identification: Ensure both the seller and buyer present valid government-issued IDs to confirm their identities.
  • Witness Signature: By notarizing the title, you essentially witness the seller signing the document and verify their willingness to transfer ownership.
  • Notarization Requirements: Follow the specific notarization procedures mandated by your state. This typically involves completing a notary certificate on the title itself.

Important Considerations:

While you can notarize signatures on car titles, it’s important to understand that notarization does not guarantee the legitimacy of the title or the vehicle itself.

Here are some additional points to keep in mind:

  • Notaries are not title experts: You are not responsible for verifying the vehicle’s ownership history or lien status. Buyers should conduct separate title searches for peace of mind.
  • State-Specific Regulations: Always refer to the guidelines set forth by your state’s motor vehicle department (MVD) regarding car title transfers and notarization requirements.

Beyond Car Titles:

In addition to titles, notaries may also be asked to notarize other automobile-related documents, such as:

  • Bills of Sale
  • Odometer Disclosure Statements
  • Loan Applications (depending on lender requirements)

Remember: When presented with any unfamiliar document, consult your state’s notary public handbook or refer the client to an attorney specializing in auto transactions.


Notarization plays a valuable role in safeguarding automobile transactions. By understanding the guidelines and limitations of notarizing car titles and other related documents, notaries can effectively serve their clients.

Empowering Notaries Public:

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