Simplifying Ca Notary Forms and Services: Your Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the world of notary forms can be a daunting task, but understanding the process is crucial for both new and reappointing notaries. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the various forms and services available, including online submissions, fillable PDFs, and the steps for submitting forms via mail or in person.

Forms and Services:

  1. New or Reappointing Commission Application:
    • Form: SOS/NP-30Fee: $40.00 (Payable at exam site in the form of a check or money order only)
    If you’re embarking on a new notary journey or renewing your commission, the SOS/NP-30 form is your starting point. Ensure you have the necessary fee ready at the exam site for a seamless application process. Please read this article for more information: What are the requirements for becoming a notary in California? Lastly, Simplify Your California Notary Application with Notary Public Class.
  2. Exam Retake:
    • Fee: $20.00 (Payable at exam site in the form of a check or money order only)
    This option is available at the exam site for those needing a retake. Make sure to have the fee as a check or money order for a smooth retake experience. For more information about the notary exam, read our article How to Register for a Notary Public Exam: A Step-by-Step Guide.
  3. Duplicate Commission:
    • Fee: $10.00
    If you’ve misplaced your commission, the Duplicate Commission form can help you obtain a replacement at a nominal fee.
  4. Name Change Application:
    • Form: SOS/NP33Fee: No Fee
    Are you changing your name? The Name Change Application (SOS/NP33) is the form you need; the best part is that there’s no fee involved.
  5. Address Change:
    • Form: SOS/NP 34Fee: No Fee
    If you’ve moved, ensure your records are up to date by submitting the Address Change form (SOS/NP 34) at no additional cost.
  6. Certificate of Authorization to Produce Notary Public Seal:
    • Fee: No Fee
    The Certificate of Authorization form is free for those authorized to produce notary public seals.
  7. Request for Live Scan Service:
    • Form: SOS/BCII 8016Fee: Call the
    Live Scan site for processing fees. Need Live Scan services? The SOS/BCII 8016 form is your go-to but check with the Live Scan site for processing fees.
  8. California Certificate of Acknowledgment and Jurat:Ensure your notarial acts are properly documented with the California Certificate of Acknowledgment and Jurat forms.

Conclusion: Mastering notary forms and services is key to a notary public’s responsibilities. Understanding the forms and associated fees is crucial, whether you’re starting anew, renewing your commission, or changing your information. Simplify your notary journey by familiarizing yourself with these essential forms and services.

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