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Best Pens for Notary Signing Agents

Best Pens for Notary Signing Agents: Business Boosting Pens

Notary signing agents are important members of the notarial team. They witness and notarize documents to affirm their authenticity so they need to have a reliable pen on hand at all times. In this blog post, we will discuss the best pens for notary signing agents for their day-to-day work.

While choosing a pen notary agent often make mistakes. Because Pens come in many different shapes and sizes. But, Notaries have different needs based on their profession.

Best Pens for Notary Signing Agents:

The notary signing agents’ most important tool is their notary pen. Pens can be a notary signing agent’s best friend, or they can be the cause of frustration and misery. The right notary pen will help your business succeed and grow, while an unsuitable notary pen will only bring you grief.

Your pen should be comfortable in order to facilitate long periods of writing. But it is also durable enough not to leak or smudge when used with wet ink.

PILOT G2 Premium Gel Pen:

PILOT G2 Premium Gel Pen is the ideal pen for overachievers. The smooth-flowing, quick-drying gel ink glides across the paper without clogging or smearing. This retractable rolling ball pen features a fine point and comes in an array of bright colours that is fun to use.

These are the world’s finest gel pens that use Pilot G2 premium ink technology to produce smooth writing. Each pen is made of high-quality plastic and has a rubber grip for comfortable use while writing. It features an ultra-fine 0.38 mm tip which produces a precise line every time it is used.

This pen is perfect for notaries who need to write smaller sized signatures, like those found on mortgage documents and credit card applications.

Zebra Pen Z-Grip Pen:

The Z-Grip Flight retractable ballpoint pen is the ideal choice for those who desire a bold point and vivid ink. The low viscosity blue ink flows smoothly for superior writing comfort. This pen features a sleek comfort barrel and stylish metal clip, making it an excellent addition to your daily carry.

This pen is the perfect tool for everyday writing. The bold point delivers a smooth, clean line every time. With this feature, you’ll write smoothly with minimal drag, delivering a consistent line width for maximum readability on all types of paper.

The Z-Grip pen is perfect for notaries who need to write large-sized signatures, like those found on power of attorney documents.

Schneider Slider Rave XB Pen:

The Schneider Slider Rave XB Pen writes like a dream. The Viscoglide Advanced Ink Technology provides the smoothest writing experience, while the ergonomic shape gives you comfort and control with a rubberized surface.

The wear-resistant stainless steel tip is designed to last with an XB 1.4 mm line that dries quickly even when highlighted. This notary pen is designed with a retractable tip and soft grip for added comfort.

This Schneider Slider Rave notary pen offers an ultra-smooth writing experience, as well as its longer design which makes the notary signing agent’s job easier when they have to sign their name on larger documents.

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